Top 4 Advantages of Using Document Management System in Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, and private systems should handle the affluence of medical records as well as billing data every day. Physicians are needed for retaining the medical records and recordings of the patient, with the inclusion of deceased patients, for at least 10 years from the date of the last visit of the patient. Clinics and hospitals have same policies for abiding by. Over the time, this really amounts to the lots of records and even more paper. Thereby, why must Healthcare businesses bother applying a Document Management System?

Here we are going to discuss the top reasons why it is a great idea for switching out the paper-based procedures to electronic form:

Benefits of using Document Management System in Healthcare:

  • Easy to apply and handle:

i-doc’s process is very easy: Paper documents are produced or come into the hospital, clinic, or office, and then are scanned into the framework. Every scanned document is first indexed and then attached to either a current electronic record of a patient or completely a new one can be made.

  • Maximized productivity:

With i-doc, you can lessen the time for accessing patient files but just keying in a search term. Every document which is converted to the electronic form is provided a unique recognizer (generally an index number) and you can look for through different search terms. Administrators and doctors can search the name of a patient and also retrieve their medical record in a few seconds, leaving them more time for spending on value-added functions.

  • Reduces manual error:

Mistakes aren’t avoidable while handling a huge amount of paper documents. Lots of papers cause clutter which maximizes the occurrence of misplaced or lost files and suitable documents. Thereby, i-doc helps lessen adverse drug events like medications and improper dosage. If documents or files are lost, doctors are unable to know what medicines a patient may have adverse reactions to. This maximizes patient’s safety and safeguards doctors from possible legal and regulatory sanctions.

  • Enhance patient care and satisfaction:

Converting paper documents to electronic forms provides doctors and administrators more time for devoting to patient care as well as value-added functions. Quicker retrieval times and lesser search result in more time tending to patient requirements. In turn, this maximizes patient satisfaction as well.

Provided all of these reasons, it makes sense for physicians of health clinics, private practice, and hospitals to begin applying a Document Management System to handle their medical records. And in case these 4 advantages are not reason enough, here is a bonus for you: i-doc is environment-friendly. By lessening the usage of paper, medical workspaces can do their part to help save the forests that the animals actually depend on for survival. And this is the biggest reason why switching to a Document Management System makes really good sense!

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