Our Survival Strategy in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital or not digital? Now the question is as ubiquitous as ‘to be or not to be.’

It’s a question of survival now. According to the market report, few industries are simply stragglers about adopting digital. They are at risk already. To name a few, they are manufacturing, consumer goods, conventional stores, and pharmaceutical. They are yet to embrace this silent revolution. Compare them with digitally transformed E-Commerce start-ups, travel, hospitality, and banking, you will feel the difference. These sectors have made the flash in the market, attracting huge attention.

So few business processes harvest the crop, gathering in the benefits. Others couldn’t. And, for not adopting digital stance, they’re lagging behind. Digitally transformed companies also shape the mind of their customers and that’s also making a huge gap between digital and not-digital. Now mobile-savvy customers get easy access to the affordable smart-phones. So they prefer digitally transformed business processes and expecting others to follow the same path.

For a successful digital transformation, you need to start with your customers first. Your customers will be the first agent of your radical changes and remember, they are already digitally transformed. However, there is a challenge. Pursuing digitally with the customers is a very sharp learning curve. You must have a solid technology back-end. Otherwise you couldn’t make real gains.

Highly disruptive Mobile communication tools, the ever changing cloud service, advanced analytic, and the Internet of Things have already started transforming the business processes’ scenario. Unfortunately many sectors like retail or pharmaceutical is still at dark. Where do they see themselves five years from now on? They don’t know. But longer the delay in transforming to digital mode, steeper the learning curve. The chance of outperforming your competitors becomes more arduous.

The very first thing you need is a unified management system so that you could act locally but perform globally. You need not work in isolation as you did traditionally; instead, you use a seamless platform where people, process, logic, content, sensor and cognition act together seamlessly.

Thanks to our Seamless platform, now it’s not only easier for the developers but also for the end-customers. Seamless talks with a family of 250 smart sensors and transducers in an unrestrained way; it’s a dream for IoT (Internet of Things) application developers worldwide.

As a code-less platform, Seamless reduces development, testing, and deployment effort by a cool margin of nearly 70 percent. Integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) engine keeps documents, images and multimedia content secured and search-able. We believe, traditional Business Solutions, Healthcare, Bioinformatics, Document Management, Digital Archives, Smart Grids, Smart Cities and Hybrid Industrial Automation space have all the potentials of application development and Seamless could be the answer to any problem they pose.

Only digital transformation could help you achieve the dream-growth. When you are digitally transformed, you needn’t worry about the outcome anymore; on the contrary, you could see yourself five years from now on. There is a growing need for this transformation that you cannot ignore.

And you, simply, cannot lag behind.

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