ECM: Getting the Correct Version of Document is Important

“Brevity is the soul of wit”, said Polonius, one of the central characters in Shakespeare’s famous drama Hamlet. But while describing Hamlet’s madness Polonius lost his path in fatuous and long-winded words and another character Gertrude had to interrupt him saying, “More matter, with less art.”

This is the central theme of Enterprise Content Management handling. You need ‘more matter, with less art.’ You need enhanced efficiency, reducing overheads and you need to streak ahead in the race to get rapid business growth. With a huge pile of paper-staff on your shoulder, you cannot gain that momentum.

To take your business growth to a new height you need less paper job possible. And end-to-end ECM handling is all about this magic. Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) lies at the heart of your business operations’ core system which finally helps you increase your business growth, enhancing efficiency, reducing overheads and finally moving up the value chain.

While ECM is lying at the core of the business-system it pulls up necessary management services around it; these services are revolving around it like planetary systems. Their unique combination is the key factor in your business growth.

These services are Business Process Management, Back-file Conservation Services, Electronic Document Management, Document and Data Managed Services and finally the Workflow. For their democratically-unique-combination, you streak ahead in the race and the proper final business-maturation can only occur after that.

The main advantage is you can add a timeline for each content item. At the same time, you enforce processes for the creation, approval, and distribution of them. The implementation of ECM usually provide a secure repository which is also very important and it plays a major role in taking your business growth ahead. Managed items are digitally indexed. There are several methods to retrieve those items.

Managing content is no longer a problem for us. The real problem starts when we don’t get the correct version of a document or record. Accessing correct document help us achieve the business goal.

At the heart of the Enterprise Content Management lies the conception of collecting and organizing information. This information is meant for the assigned mass. Not for all. It consists of mainly your customers, but at the same, it caters to the business executives. It actually helps you internally and externally. It cannot be described by a single technology or process. It is a dynamic combination of many things. There are certain strategies, procedures, and tools and they are used for many purposes. Capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and finally delivering the information is a nutritive activity for a document life-cycle. This activity silently gives support throughout the entire life-cycle of a document.

Finally, we can break the whole process into few steps.

First, you capture the content and it enters the system. Next comes managing; that is, it should be found by the people for whom it was intended. Now it is to be stored. It could be a formal content management system or any other designated platform. Archiving securely comes next. You have a secure way of preserving the content. It was impossible in the traditional way. Keeping something safe and maintaining the correct version at the same time was unthinkable in the past.

Now, you can think of the future. However far is the future, the content is retrievable. When you have a retrievable document, you can also deliver it anytime.

This is the magic of ECM.

And to make you feel that magic touch there is Somnetics ECM. It’s a provider of varied services: Managed Document Scanning, i-doc Document Management, Form Processing, Workflow and finally the Collaboration. Software I-DOC is generic in every sense. I-doc PCCM System is conceived, designed and built to provide solutions to critical challenges a government or enterprise face at various stages of their business. This is a new breed emerging as “Process, Content and Collaboration Management” (PCCM) solutions. At the same time, i-form is an intelligent, efficient Form Processing Application software that uses various automated image processing and capturing technologies together to meet the ever-expanding requirements of the business, government, and industry. And i-lib is an amazing digital library solution for the educational institutes, universities and research labs. It serves to the different requirements by enabling online access to the digital books, thesis, audio or video tutorials of an institute.

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